CODA Audio SCN-F 15" Bass extention

Sensor controlled, 1300W

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15” sensor controlled bass extension
Extended low frequency range operating 35 Hz – 200 Hz (-6 dB)
Dynamic Airflow Cooling (DAC) ensures exceptionally high sound pressure and low power compression
The feedback loop control ensures extreme fast transient response and ultra low distortion
Subwoofer arrays can be curved for perfect time alignment with N-RAY
Increases the long throw capability of N-RAY Enhances the systems low frequency headroom Flyable or ground stackable configurations Rigging is compatible with N-RAY
System integration with CODA Audio amplifier racks

Targeted towards theatres, houses of worship, corporate events, sport venues, and live sound venues, the SCN-F is a 15 inch sensor controlled low frequency extension system operating from 35-200 Hz, overlapping both the low range of N-RAY and the SCV/SCP subwoofers – providing more energy and control in the lower range of the system.

The 15 inch driver contains an integrated velocity sensor that measures the diaphragm movement in real time. The LINUS14 compares this with the audio input signal and adjusts its driving current to correct any driver inaccuracies – the key advantage being a very extended and controlled response.

SCN-F is designed to work exclusively with dedicated CODA Audio amplifiers and racks as an integrated solution for DSP and sensor control, amplification, network remote control, and diagnostics, ensuring optimal performance and protection.

SCN-F is equipped with an extremely long excursion neodymium ultra-low distortion driver. Three aluminium shorting rings reduce intermodulation distortion, minimising induction variation whilst reducing thermal compression, dramatically reducing the distortion of a typical low frequency driver at larger excursions.

Weighing just 33 kg, and boasting a power handling of 1500 W AES, the SCN-F extends the LF throw capability of the N-RAY system significantly. The flying system allows for vertical curving of the SCN-F too, ensuring perfect time alignment with N-RAY when flown behind or to the side.


Type: Sensor controlled bass extension
Dimensions (WxHxD): 518 x 418 x 595 mm / 20.39 x 16.46 x 23.43?
Net weight: 33 kg / 72.75 lbs
Frequency response: 35 – 200 Hz (-6 dB)
Power handling AES / peak (passive): 1500 W / 6000 W
Max. peak SPL (with LINUS14):* 139 dB
Amplification, Cabinets per Amplifier 
LINUS5-C Optimum / Maximum: N/A
LINUS10-C Optimum / Maximum: N/A
LINUS14D Optimum / Maximum: 8/12
LINUS10 Optimum / Maximum: 4/6
Dispersion Horizontal: N/A
Dispersion Vertical: N/A
Components Low frequency: 15? neodymium ultra-low distortion woofer, 4? (101.6 mm) voice coil
Components Mid/High frequency: N/A
Crossover point: N/A
Input Connectors: 2x Neutrik™ NL4MP
Nominal impedance LF / MF+HF: 8 O (+1/-1)
Enclosure material: Hybrid – Birch plywood and Aluminium
Suspension Integrated, allows curving of 0°, 2.5°or 5°
* Pink noise 6 dB crest factor. 


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