SRS NDPN1216-5 Network Dimmer/Switch

DBL Fused, GFI, RCD 30mA, LAN, Ultisence

Veil eks mva.42 704,-


Main voltage: 3x230V / 400V / 40-65Hz
Main current: 3x20 up to 3x63A
Protection: General Electric 1P / 1P+N /1P+1P

  • DCdrive/pulse driving of triacs
  • RELAY/DIMMER on single channel - depends on curve
  • Theater or touring application
  • Rise-time of 400us
  • Main switch / GFI 30mA per unit
  • MCB or RCBO per channel
  • Double DMX input + RDM support
  • Ethernet connection / Art-Net / / sACN
  • Software patch of Manual / DMX A / DMX B / Ethernet
  • Preheat for all or a separate channel
  • Free monitoring software
  • 100% duty cycle

Dimensions: 483 x 132 x 460mm (WxHxD)



The network dimmer pack NDP12 is designed to fulfill all the top requirements of the most demanding lighting applications e.g. theatres, live concerts and also permanent installations. Unit was especially created for users requiring maximum flexibility, top class features and superb network connections.

Unit is controlled by a high speed processor with smooth 16-bit dimming resolution via specially designed zero-crossing circuit. This technology guarantees trouble–free operation and high proof against the influence of negative surroundings with top class rise-time of 400us.

Moreover, the network dimmer pack NDP12 comes with NDP-DC+RELAY feature that is a DC DRIVE/RELAY switch with rating of 16A and possibility to turn on/off via curve. (DC-RELAY  is not available for NDP dimmers 25 and 32A).

All NDPseries dimming units are covered by a 5-year warranty.

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