SRS PDP40 4 x 13A Dimmer - Dmx 3/5 pin

PowCon in/4 Schuko, 9 Kg, WL option

Veil inkl mva.12 875,-


  • 4x6A, 4x10A or 4x13A dimming capacity
  • AC230V, 50Hz via CEE or UniSchuko plug
  • Single-phase operation
  • Rise-time: 400us
  • Convectional cooling 
    (fan runs only at critical temperatures)

  • Neutrik XLR 3 & 5-pin input connectors
  • LED indicators of power and the DMX line status
  • Multi-item menu with preheat, limits, curves, etc.
  • Dimensions & Weight 380 x 260 x 120mm, 9.24kg


The PDP40 unit is a 4-channel dimmer for dimming of various light sources. It can be controlled via the menu with the encoder and two push-buttons, DMX thru 3- or 5-pin DMX connectors or via Wireless DMX. This unit is ideal for applications requiring a small device or to have a DMX installation via wireless connection.

The PDP40 provides you with the next generation dimming for portable or permanent installations. Just plug in and play anytime, anywhere.

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