SRS AHD24-LV8SX Advanced Dig Motor

controller, 8 x SOCA19 Out

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    The AHD-LV Advanced Digital Hoist Controller was designed to control up to 12/24 electrically compatible motors, either separately or simultaneously – controlled via CMCseries Digital Cable Remote Controller.

    The device is equipped with unique APA (Automatic Phase Align) module, which guarantees that the motors are moving in the same direction on any align of input phases. If any line wire is disconnected, the hoist controller stops to ensure safe operation.

    Another feature of AHD-LV is the AVM (Automatic Voltage Metering) module. This module checks main voltage for AC 400V +-20%, star configuration and protects the hoists in case of problem with main voltage.

    The unit will NOT go into the safe function if:

    • one phase is missing
    • there is under-voltage on lines
    • there is over-voltage on lines

     All electrical components carry their own individual CE and comply with the European Directives. The unit is housed in a robust steel 19" rack with powder coating and complies with CE according to the Certification of conformity that comes with it.

    The AHD-LV has an additional key switch for the Group-stop function. When active, the MCB trip of any hoist will cause an E-STOP on all connected hoists.

    If remote control is needed, please add one of following control stations:



    • Controls up to 12/24 hoists from remote
    • Controls up to 384 hoists via AHD link
    • Hoist types: BGV D8, BGV D8+
    • Emergency STOP circuit according to: IEC60204, SIL3
    • Power output for WMCseries via PowerCon connector
    • 1.5m 5G6/5G10mm2 power cable with CEE32A/5p or CEE63A/5p connector
    • Outputs protected by RCD30mA and C10A/C16A per output MCB


    Compatible with:

    • Chainmaster/Movecat/Liftket/Tourrig
    • CM lodestar
    • Trabes
    • Prolyft
    • Verlinde/Stagemaker
    • Any brand of hoist on the market
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