SRS DXD-8NI DMX merger, booster

3xDMX3/5/RJ45 isolated 19" RDM ANSI

Veil inkl mva.8 814,-


The DXD-8NI is a two-input DMX merger with HTP, LTP, DMX-A backup and DMX-B backup modes. It is ideal for applications, where merging of two DMX signals is needed. Examples of usage are two DMX consoles controlling one dimmer system or controlling of house light. Moreover, the unit can be used as a scene calling device to call the minimum DMX value.

This value is then sent to the dimmer with connected LED lights in case the main console is disconnected or LED lights are flickering on low DMX value because of technical requirements of LEDs.

All connections are made using 3/5-pin and RJ45 terminals. 

The unit is easily controlled using a 12 by 2 symbol display, encoder and 2 buttons.The display shows several pages of information including: DMX A and B status and the merger mode.

DXD-8NI is equipped with a bootloader for easy firmware update.
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