CODA Audio N-SUB 15" Subwoofer for N-APS

1500W, 139dB, 28 Kg

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The N-SUB is a compact 15” high output subwoofer, weighing in at 28 kg. With high power handling of 1500 W, a maximum SPL of 139 dB (peak), this is a sub with guts – it reaches as low as 30 Hz. Like CODA’s N-APS, N-SUB benefits from Dynamic Airflow Cooling (DAC) – a smart, patented technology which allows the box to hit very high SPLs while staying completely cool – contrasting traditional sub behaviour, where applying more power generally increases the heat inside, resulting in compressed and distorted audio. In the N-SUB’s case, all sonic clarity is retained – it simply gets louder. Much louder.

Dynamic Airflow Cooling (DAC).

Putting that immense amount of power into a compact enclosure required a new enclosure design and a new thermal concept. The N-SUB front baffle and vents are made from a single piece of aluminum with all drivers mounted into it. The aluminum vents are optimised to maximise airflow increasing the thermal capacity of the system.

Applying more power increases the airflow in the vents conducting more heat away from the drivers and distributing that heat outside the enclosure. The DAC technology dramatically improves heat dissipation increasing twice the power handling and the maximum sound pressure of the system.

State of the art neodymium cone driver.

The N-SUB is equipped with a long excursion 15” ultra low distortion driver. A strong motor delivers extreme high magnetic flux, which makes it super efficient – its 4-inch voice coil ensures ultra linear excursion at a consistent magnetic force. The cone ensures maximum stiffness and low moving mass. Three aluminium shorting rings reduce induction variation, which in turn minimises intermodulation distortion whilst reducing thermal compression. Ultimately, this improves the overall sonic performance, resulting in a greater audience experience.

System solution.

The N-SUB is designed to work exclusively with CODA Audio LINUS Amplifiers as an integrated solution for DSP control, amplification, network remote control and diagnostics – this guarantees optimal performance and protection; and although its primary job is to provide low end reinforcement for N-APS, the N-SUB is also suited for a variety of applications in the touring and installation markets where compact size, high precision and deep, punchy low frequency is needed. Think dance clubs, theatres, Houses of Worship, and a variety of live sound venues.

Application: Small / Medium venues
Frequency response (-6 dB): 30 Hz – 150 Hz
Power handling AES / peak (passive): 1500 W / 6000 W
Maximum output peak:* 139 dB
Amplification, Cabinets per Amplifier 
LINUS10-C Optimum / Maximum: 8/12
LINUS14D Optimum / Maximum: 8/12
LINUS10 Optimum / Maximum: 4/8
Components: 15? ultra low distortion woofers, 4? (101.6 mm) voice coil, 1500 W (AES)
Nominal impendance: 8 Ohm (+1/-1)
Input connectors: 2x Neutrik™ NL4MP
Suspension: Integrated
Enclosure material: Hybrid – Baltic birch and aluminium
Finish: Polyurea coating (water resistant)
Dimensions (WxHxD): 518 x 418 x 595 mm / 20.39 x 16.46 x 23.42?
(518 x 446 x 595 mm / 20.39 x 17.56 x 23.42? incl. hardware)

Net weight: 28 kg / 61.73 lbs


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