CODA Audio N-APS Ultra Compact Array

2x6,5" + 1,75", 2way, 11 Kg, 139 dB

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The N-APS is an ultra-compact 2x 6.5” / 2-way arrayable point source that combines the user-friendliness of a point source with the perfect arrayability of a line array creating a unique category reinforcement system for small to medium size venues. With the latest in driver and system design technology, N-APS delivers twice the power handling and SPL as well as significantly more low-end comparing to other systems. It offers a large dynamic range, incredible flexibility and variable horizontal directivity. Created to be a sound designers dream problem solver. Available in 60°, 90°, 120° or asymmetrical horizontal coverage.

Dynamic Airflow Cooling (DAC).

Putting that immense amount of power into a compact enclosure required a new enclosure design and a new thermal concept. The N-APS front baffle and vents are made from a single piece of aluminum with all drivers mounted into it. The aluminum vents are optimised to maximise airflow increasing the thermal capacity of the system. Applying more power increases the airflow in the vents conducting more heat away from the drivers and distributing that heat outside the enclosure. The DAC technology dramatically improves heat dissipation increasing twice the power handling and the maximum sound pressure of the system.

Ring Diaphragm Curved-wave-driver (RDC).

At the heart of N-APS is a string of CODA Audio’s patented technologies, the unique RDC – similar to CODA’s planar wave driver, but with a bit of a twist, in that the wavefront is curved at 20°. This ultimately means there is no distortion, and no reshaping required, so it offers extraordinary sonic precision. As a result, when you put more N-APS together, they perform as one single cabinet, with no interference whatsoever.

Low Frequency drivers.

The N-APS has double 6,5” neodymium cone drivers with 2” coils. They’re long excursion drivers with high flux linear motors, which means they’re extremely efficient, and provide ultra-low distortion, with reduced power compression. Four aluminium shorting rings reduce induction variation, minimising intermodulation distortion whilst reducing thermal compression. This design dramatically reduces IM distortion and improves the overall sound quality and performance. The carbon fibre diaphragm minimises the moving mass, and improves cone stiffness and internal damping, which results in high sensitivity, and pristine sonic clarity.

N-APS Instafit Magnetic Coupler.

The N-APS Coupler solves a common problem for a line array or arrayable box by summing the energy from all transducers to perform as a single source. It does this without any phase destruction, which allows for a perfectly coherent and uniform wavefront. Furthermore, it also determines the frequency response in the horizontal axis.

Phase Linearity.

While many of today’s loudspeakers feature a linear frequency response, very few benefit from being phase-linear, but N-APS is exactly that. As a result, there is no need to apply destructive processing when combining different elements in complex systems. It also allows for simple phase-compatibility between other CODA products delivering faithful imaging, and better overall fidelity. Used singularly or in arrays, N-APS linear phase and frequency response is consistent.


N-APS combines the ultra high-fidelity sound with large dynamic range, incredible flexibility and variable horizontal directivity of 60°, 120°, 60° or asymmetrical configurations of 105° (45°+60°), 90° (30°+60°) and 75° (30°+45°). Mounted vertically, each N-APS cabinet provides a fixed coverage of 20° (one cabinet), 40° (two cabinets), 60° (3 cabinets) etc. up to 360° (18 cabinets). The great thing about N-APS is that you can configure it in any way you choose thanks to the N-APS Instafit Magnetic Coupler. A single, quick release button instantly pops off the grille: one pull of the coupler, then just snap the new Instafit Magnetic Coupler back in to create the required dispersion characteristic, with no tools required. It’s as simple as that – it streamlines your workflow, whether you’re working with rental stock or using it as part of an installation. This is yet another first from CODA.

System solution.

When paired with N-APS, N-SUB takes the system right down to 30 Hz. As with all CODA boxes, N-SUB also benefits from an integrated one-pin rigging system, compatible with N-APS, for flyable or ground stackable sub arrays.


Frequency response: 60 Hz – 20 kHz (-6 dB)
Power handling: 1000 W / 4000 W
Maximum peak SPL (with LINUS14) 139 db (A)
Amplification, Cabinets per Amplifier 
LINUS5-C Optimum / Maximum 12/16
LINUS10-C Optimum / Maximum: 12/16
LINUS14D Optimum / Maximum: 12/16
LINUS10 Optimum / Maximum: 6/10
Dispersion horizontal: 60°, 90°, 120° or asymmetrical 75° (30°+45°); 90° (30°+60°); 105° (45°+60°)
Dispersion vertical: 20°
Low frequency: 2x 6.5? neodymium, water resistant cones 2? (50.8 mm) voice coil, 500 W (AES) each
Mid / High frequency: 6?/20° Ring Diaphragm Curved-wave-driver, 175? (44.4 mm) voice coil, 80 W (AES)
Crossover point: 900 Hz passive
Input connectors: 2x Neutrik™ NL4MP
Nominal impedance: 12 O (+2/-2)
Enclosure material: Hybrid – Birch plywood and aluminium
Finish: Polyurea coating (water resistant)
Suspension: Integrated
Dimensions (WxHxD): 518 x 200 x 358 mm / 20.39 x 7.87 x 14.09? (incl. hardware)
Net weight: 11.2 kg / 24.69 lbs

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